Previous 户外教育 Trips


For the last few years, 韦德娱乐app下载地址 has hit the slopes of 奥克莫山度假村 对于冬中假期!

SPRING BREAK 2017 Adirondack Adventure

2017年3月, 韦德娱乐app下载地址 students embraced the chilly temperatures of New York State's Adirondack Mountains with a fun winter sports adventure. 他们徒步旅行,爬冰, 和 in the evenings they enjoyed the indoor climbing wall of of their private lodge, 阿迪朗达克岩石和河流!

Spring Break 2016 in the American Southwest

菲尔·H. 20年,克里斯托·H. 17岁的珍妮·L. '16 snapped a selfie during a hike in 锡安国家公园.Shown: Snapping a selfie during a hike in 锡安国家公园.

In March 2016, Solebury backpacked through the 大峡谷锡安国家公园,两个 国家地理20个最佳徒步旅行目的地. The trip was led by the Director of 户外教育, 杰瑞德莱维, 和 our Director of the Global Education Programs, 妮可山, 谁都是经过认证的 野外急救. Athletic Trainer Stacie Anastasio also chaperoned. "This trip was exactly what I expected: a blend of adventure, 探索, 友谊, 和大自然的美, 16岁的双良说. "I might come back to visit the same sites, but this unique experience filled with wonderful people 和 uplifting Solebury spirits made the trip a once in a lifetime remembrance. The spring break of my senior year will always remain a precious memory as I move on in life."