Arts News


The Young Artists Concert Series will kick off this fall featuring Callie Miles ’24.Callie will join the list of Solebury School greats as she takes the stage on Friday, September 29. Joining her will be special guests Sloan Miles ’26, and Maia Jarrett. The concert is free and will be held at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at 7 PM. 它还将在Instagram @soleburymusic上进行直播.


多样性与文化共享 is a new performing arts course for the winter trimester designed to celebrate the diversity of cultures represented by each person in our community. In this class, students will explore and exchange their personal stories and those of their ancestors through music, dance, poetry, song, 和讲故事. The performance aspect will be cultivated from a regular practice of sharing with each other and will culminate with a music and dance concert at the end of the trimester. 


音乐系一直很忙! 忙着推出产品, 会见著名音乐家, 以新颖有趣的方式挑战我们的学生. I’d like to take you on a brief music tour and offer you a window into what we’ve done during the winter trimester and what we are looking forward to debuting in the spring.


Check out photos from Thursday night's Rock Band / Jazz Roots Ensemble concert, 特别嘉宾欧文·格雷厄姆20岁, 拉斯·卡里克老师, 以及摇滚乐队导师安东尼·波特!