Arts Festival Week 2023

April 14 - April 21

韦德娱乐app下载地址学校每年春天都会举办为期一周的艺术节来庆祝艺术, capped off with an Arts and Earth Day celebration on the final day. 

Friday, April 14

Jazz Roots/Rock Band kicked off Arts Festival with a fantastic concert! 

Sunday, April 16

A group of student musicians spent the day at Morning Star Recording, working with grammy winning engineer Glenn Baratt to record a demo. 

Monday, April 17 

艾莉·本特利教了一节关于如何画人头的人物画课. She has exhibited nationwide, with solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and San Diego. Allie is represented by the Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and Jo Fleming Contemporary Art in Annapolis, MD. 她在马里兰州罗克维尔的蒙哥马利学院教授人物画和素描.

Tuesday, April 18

摇滚乐队的学生们在Jarrett Gilgore的指导下进行了一场关于冥想和音乐即兴创作的精彩研讨会! Jarrett is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, and teacher. 

Film students were joined by Hollywood insider Alison Bennett. An Emmy-nominated writer/producer for television and film. 她目前是即将上映的Netflix电视剧的联合执行制片人,并为索尼写了一篇特写.  Alison just spent five years on an overall deal at 20th Television, where she was staffed on shows like “Single Parents” (ABC), “LA to Vegas” (FOX), and the Children’s & Family Emmy-nominated “Doogie Kamealoha, MD” (Disney+). Throughout her deal, 艾莉森还为迪士尼旗下的电视网开发和监督试播节目. Prior to Alison’s time at 20th, 她是FXX广受好评的喜剧《韦德娱乐app下载地址》前四季的编剧.其他电视作品包括Hulu的《韦德娱乐苹果手机版下载》(The awesome)和亚马逊工作室的《韦德娱乐苹果手机版下载》(Betas)。. 

祝贺STC:在巴克斯县剧场学生戏剧节上的出色表演! Solebury School won three awards. The Sock and Buskin Award for outstanding performances in comedy (Firebringer) and drama (#ENOUGH), the Creative Advocacy Award for their work on #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence25岁的Kaz Jahanbini获得了“杰出人物奖” Firebringer

Wednesday, April 19

City Slang recording artist, Pom Pom Squad played during assembly.

长笛演奏家Anna Cristina Tang Sung '23在青年艺术家音乐会系列中与Kim Harris钢琴和特邀嘉宾Leel Dias '23一起演出, Greg Lipscomb, and Cathy Block.



Thursday, April 20: Workshop Day!

This year's workshops were hosted by professionals, as well as enthusiasts from our own community (teachers, alumni, students, and a parent). They featured:

  • 开始萨尔萨舞工作坊与世界冠军交际舞莎朗·维诺库罗夫
    Sharonne Vinokurov taught a beginner Salsa class. Students learned the basics of dancing Salsa on 1/LA Style. 

  • Cartooning with cartoonist and multimedia artist Griff Jurchak 
    Griff uses visual language pulled from comics, advertising, surrealism, and graffiti to process and convey the absurdity of modern life. He has a BFA in Visual Art and Writing from Marlboro College.

  • Carving out a Space with Ceramic Artist Salvatore Annunziato 
    Director of Woodkiln operations / Artist residency program, Lancaster Creative Factory, Salvatore讨论了作为一名艺术家的可持续生活,并分享了他探索不同方法来创造既感觉良好又能产生可生活工资的艺术实践的经验. All while helping you to make your own handmade vase or object.

  • Tie Dye with Maddy Cunningham ’23 and Clara Borthwick ’23
    玛蒂和克拉拉用很酷的卷发和多种颜色教他们扎染的细节, and a little color theory in practice.

  • Crochet with Solebury Parent Relations Manager Lisa Juris 
    Lisa taught how to get started crocheting, 为一个小项目提供指导,参与者可以开始并随身携带. 

  • 与Solebury摄影老师Kelli Abdoney一起进行针孔相机摄影
    A Pinhole photo is a direct process. Participants put photographic paper in a lightproof box, 然后把他们的针孔相机拿到外面,把“针孔”上的盖子打开,把胶片暴露在光线下. After that, the magic began when they developed their image. The images appeared on their blank white paper right before their eyes! 

  • Playwriting with Solebury Technical Director Titus O’Neil
    参与者讨论了标准游戏格式和构成优秀故事的要素, then put it into practice by writing a 3-5 minute scene.

  • DEI Mosaic Setting with Allison Tes ’24
    Participants worked with Allison to set the mural created during DEI day. 

  • Introduction to Graphic Design with Jen
    Have you ever wondered how all those cool logos are made? Or wondered how a laser cutter works? 快来参加这个动手的会议,学习如何使用Adobe Illustrator来创建您自己的个人标志. Maybe make something fun on the laser cutter?

  • Record Book with Rebecca Kelly

  • Henna Tattoos with Samantha Kitchen ’24
    萨曼莎简要介绍了历史上的指甲花和指甲花的用法. Participants then designed their own henna tattoo.

  • Zentangle w/ Subooha Zafar P’26
    Subooha demonstrated the art of meditative drawing, zentangle.

  • Color Forecasting with Laura Williams P’24
    色彩预测是预测消费者在不久的将来想要购买的颜色和色彩故事的实践. Laura taught how it works, who is involved, and how it is used.  

  • Cake Decorating with Solebury’s Cari Nelson P’24 and Lori Davis
    Participants channeled their inner great British bake-off dreams.

  • Paint your own skate deck with Solebury Athletic Trainer Caitlin Miller
    凯特琳帮助学生们用记号笔制作他们自己的滑板甲板, paint pens, and acrylic paints.

  • Hirschfeld with David Leopold
    David took us on a tour of the Hirschfeld Century, 艾尔·赫施菲尔德(1903-2003)在82年的时间里记录并定义了许多流行文化, 特别是通过他在百老汇和好莱坞的作品的绘画.

Elite Ensemble provided a lovely evening of music. Concert attendees enjoyed works by Joseph Bologne, Edward Elgar, Duke Ellington, Joe Hisaishi, Justin Bieber, and Leonard Cohen. 

Friday, April 21

We ended the week with an Art and Earth Day Community Celebration. Solebury families joined us to enjoy live music and poetry, admire and purchase student crafts and artwork, and spruce up their gardens with items from the plant sale.

Solebury Theater Collective (STC) presented a staged reading of #Enough: Plays to End Gun Violence. 这部强有力的小品剧集是由全国各地的高中生写的, exploring the impact of gun violence on individuals, families, and communities. STC raised $740 in donations for Everytown该组织孜孜不倦地致力于防止枪支暴力和促进枪支安全. 如果没有你们对这一关键事业的慷慨支持和承诺,这是不可能实现的.

Enjoy photos from the week: