Accepted Students and Families


再次祝贺你被索伯里大学录取! 我们很高兴能在这一刻和你在一起,让你的家人成为我们家的一员! 下面的信息和活动是为了帮助你最终决定你的学校,然后帮助那些注册的人开始在这里找到你的人,让你的索伯里年有一个惊人的开始. As always, feel free to reach out to Scott Eckstein with any questions you have.



下面的活动主要是为了让学生们开始了解彼此. However, 也有一些父母开始了解彼此,帮助你学习你需要知道的东西. 

注意: All Wednesday events (EXCEPT FOR THE MAY 22 EVENT) will be at 7pm EST.

Wednesday, May 15

Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, May 22 at 4pm 九年级学生和家长会议,讨论和帮助选课. 我们将分别帮助即将入学的10年级、11年级和12年级的学生完成这个过程. WATCH HERE
Sunday, June 9 from 4 - 5:45pm

校园新生和家长聚会. Location: Near Dining Hall

Wednesday, July 10

Escape Zoom

Wednesday, July 17 at 11am

回答你的问题的第一部分. Meet with the Dean of Residential Life, the Head Nurse, the Head Counselor, the Director of Student Support, 还有其他人来回答你们现在有什么问题.
Wednesday, July 17 at 7pm 回答你的问题的第二部分. 这将与上午11点的会议形式相同,是为那些不能提前的人设计的一个选择. You should not come to both sessions.

Wednesday, July 24

Powerpoint sharing. Develop a powerpoint about something...anything. 我们以前做过这个,非常棒. 其中一些话题是,“为什么钢笔旋转很酷”,“为什么某些形状的意大利面比其他形状的更好”。. 你可以展示或者只是观看和观察.
Wednesday, July 31    学生虚拟迎新活动-具体活动待定
Sunday August, 25 from 5 - 7pm New Family Picnic. Location: Near Dining Hall

Monday, August 26 - Friday, August 30

Fall Sports Preseason

Tuesday, September 3

Boarding Students Move into Dorms. 学生及家长全天迎新活动

Wednesday, September 4


Thursday, September 5

1st Day of Classes

Course Catalog 2024-25 Academic Year


Scott Eckstein, Director of Admission, 愿意回顾以上分享的任何内容吗, 或者回答其他问题. You can reach him at or 215.862.5261. Thank you!