Global Education Concentration

Rising 9th and 10th graders can choose to declare a Global Education Concentration, a program unique to Solebury School that offers a distinctive path to graduation. With an emphasis on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development set by the United Nations (见图片), the concentration includes the requirements listed below and is designed for students to deeply eng年龄 in and reflect upon global academic courses, cultural events, service learning, travel immersion experiences, and an independent study. As students work to complete this concentration, they document all of their Global Ed experiences via an online portfolio of their creation.

Solebury School is notably a member of the Global Educators Benchmark Group (GEBG). We believe in GEBG's premise that "the world is an exciting place, and that although divided by time and space, the human race is actually deeply united by its time on earth rather than hopelessly divided by its problems. The discovery of how the world faces its common problems is discovery at the highest levels."

In February 2022, Solebury School hosted its fourth school-wide Global Education Week


学生必须 complete 24 credits total, including 12 credits in non-World Langu年龄 coursework, one Global Education course each year (full-year or a trimester elective), and one ESL or World Langu年龄 course each year. 学生必须 have a combined total of 12 credits in junior and senior year.

Global Education course offerings include:

  • 考古
  • 艺术历史
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • 英语 10 and Honors 英语 10
  • Ethics and Honors Ethics
  • Honors Environmental 科学
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Moral Conflicts
  • Shakespeare's "Other" Worlds
  • South African Stories
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • World 历史 9
  • World Religions
  • AP European 历史
  • 搜索 for Enlightenment
  • World Mythology

And all World Langu年龄 offerings:

  • 法国我
  • 法国二世
  • 法国第三
  • 法国第四
  • AP French Langu年龄
  • 西班牙语我
  • 西班牙二世
  • 西班牙三世
  • 西班牙第四
  • AP Spanish Langu年龄
  • Spanish Conversation and Culture


Cultural Events


  • attend a minimum of four Solebury School sponsored cultural events per academic year and submit a written reflection.
  • attend a minimum of six non-Solebury School sponsored cultural events per academic year and submit a written reflection.
  • assist in organizing one on-campus cultural event and submit a written reflection.

Examples include: films, museum visits, speakers, performances, workshops, festivals


Service Learning


  • complete 16 hours of community service with a cultural/global focus per academic year, in addition to our Solebury School requirement, and submit a written reflection. This requirement can be completed as part of a travel immersion experience, if approved by the Global Education Committee.


Travel Immersion Experience

学生必须 ...

  • complete a minimum of five days spent in a non-native langu年龄 area, planned through Solebury School or on own (approved by the Global Education Committee). The focus of the trip must consist of more than strictly sightseeing.
  • submit a detailed itinerary and written reflection.
  • make a presentation to the student body and/or Global Education Committee after the trip.


Independent Study


  • complete an independent study and/or project during junior or senior year; approved by the Global Education Committee. The study/project should focus on at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals in detail.
  • present to the Global Education Committee and/or student body at the conclusion of the study/project.



If you have any questions about the concentration, please contact Lucienne Knight.